The central aim with this homepage that is a culture activity in good anthropological spirit is that the visitor acquires one both extended and deepened knowledge about itself as culture being. In view of that the life on the land is today in higher degree than ever earlier composite, constitutes global questions an important starting point for counter watch late, an experiment in order to build one humanistic bridge average people, ethnic groups and nations. The experiment to extend the horizons and to see beyond the own culture's reference system increases our possibilities to understand global processes in a changeable world where all society come each other nearer than ever earlier.

در اینجا، بخش بایگانی، آموخته ها و آزمون های من گردآوری شده است. هر کار تازه یی نخست در بخش  خانه گذاشته می شود  و با آمدن  یک  کار  تازه تر، کار  پیشین  به اینجا  می آید. بایگانی   زیرشاخه های   خود   را  دارد که آنها را می توان در زیر واژه بایگانی یافت. ش شششششششششششششششششششششششش