Looking at all shenanigans happening in the world one would easily think that the battles are fought out there. Some are. But more and more I find battle lines lie inside my own heart. Every day I have to step up and check what is going on in there. What would it be like if I let it go and surrender to fear, paranoia and terror? What would it be like to judge people on basis of their color, how they dress or speak. To let it go and allow the government or other powerful entities to decide what's to be done. To trust that every brown person is a potential terrorist. Bad thoughts sneak up on me, i find myself judging, looking, avoiding crowds, where is the line between common sense and paranoia? People often speak about change, change is hard yet when it is here no one wants it. We live in time of change, the world order is changing. Lots of us try going backwards to find answers somehow trying to propel time back but we can't go back, we can only ever move forward. 
Every day I refuse to give in. Many times people have questioned my way of being, called me 'naive' and 'innocent', judging me to be some sort of child not being able to see clearly. I see clearly. And I see what I could become and I refuse. Every day I choose to believe in humanity. Every day i believe that future is bright. Every day I believe in kindness of strangers. And I truly believe that we are capable of a change taking us forward, towards our better selves.

Branka Vidovic Butler

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