از سوئد با برنامه‌ی یک‌ساعته‌ی «از دور، از نزدیک»  همراه با رادیو آینه باشید. سومین برنامه

از سوئد با برنامه‌ی یک‌ساعته‌ی «از دور، از نزدیک» همراه با رادیو آینه باشید. دومین برنامه

از سوئد با برنامه‌ی یک‌ساعته‌ی «از دور، از نزدیک»  همراه با رادیو آینه باشید. یکمین برنامه

داریوش اقبالی بنیانگزار بنیاد آینه و رادیو تلویزیون آینه

آغاز برنامه‌های زنده‌ی ۲۴ ساعته‌ی رادیو آینه، یکشنبه ۱۹ آذر ۱۳۹۶، ۱۰ دسامبر ۲۰۱۷ از ساعت ۱۹ و ۳۰ دقیقه به وقت ایران. از سوئد نیز ما با برنامه‌ی یک‌ساعته‌ی «از دور، از نزدیک» همراه رادیو آینه خواهیم بود. عکس همراهان برنامه و زمان پخش آن را می‌توانید در این فیلم ببینید و بشنوید. همکاری شما با این برنامه، آن را پربارتر خواهد کرد. یکی از راه‌های شنیدن برنامه رادیو آینه، نصب اپلیکیشن آینه فوندیشن است

Ayeneh foundation

Ayeneh Foundation is a non-profit organization, which has been established to provide realistic and organized services to the Iranian community in need, to provide better and healthier living conditions for them.

Goals and objectives:

1. The organization, preparation and presentation of educational programming through radio and television broadcastings, literature, conferences and seminars, to bring awareness with regards to the nature of all social maladies, including the disease of substance abuse, all the related side effects and diseases, including but not limited to AIDS, addressing the old and sadly wrong, traditional viewpoint of the middle eastern society towards these entities. As well as, educating the family and friends of those suffering, especially the younger generation, to learn how to institute a more constructive and complementary relationship and attitude towards their loved ones, to ensure a more effective preventative approach as well as a successful recovery.

2. To address social maladies, such as the plight of the street children, the issue of prostitution, divorce and suicide widespread in the Iranian communities. In addition, to increase public awareness and to bring this devastating situation to the attention of International organizations, in an attempt to allow a constructive approach in reaching a more timely resolution. Our weekly television programming is also a constant reminder to the Iranian officials that only a systematic, regular and efficient approach can constructively address and actually slow down the growth of social maladies.

3. The establishment of an organized process to address the plight and the needs of Iranian refugees, including their family, especially the children of refugees, throughout the world. Issues such as deportation, substance abuse, education and unemployment. In addition, to bring the attention of the Iranian community as well as the International institutions and entities to provide a more substantial and fundamental system of solving their problems in a constructive manner paving the path towards self-sufficiency.

4. The preparation of educational books, literature, and audiovisual materials for children and adults, in different languages, addressing such important issues as substance abuse, AIDS, and other social maladies in an attempt to reach out to them through their own language, thus providing an effective mean of prevention of such maladies and addressing their plight in a more realistic and logical manner and to encourage self sufficiency.

5. The encouragement of all non profit organizations and humanitarian entities to complement each other’s goals and objectives and work in solidarity to address the needs of the society.

The Shah of Persia hotel is close to the town centre of Poole, well known for its stunning harbour and busy quayside and the world renowned Poole Pottery. A 3-minute drive from Poole Train Station, Shah of Persia by Marston’s Inns provides stylish rooms with free Wi-Fi with on the Dorset coast. The pub and restaurant serves a wide range of meals. Each room at the Shah of Persia has en suite facilities. There is a TV and tea and coffee facilities in all rooms. A full English breakfast is served each morning. This inn is just over 4 miles from the centre of Bournemouth, and 5 minutes’ drive from the coast. Historic Dorchester and Shaftesbury are both around 25 miles away.

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