Yashasin Azerbaijan

١٩ امرداد ١٣٩٧ نماى پرشور از ورزشگاه آريامهر (آزادی) تهران با شعار آزادیخواهان: 
«همه ایران وطنم هست زنده باد آذربایجان»
«جان فدایت میکنم من زنده باد آذربایجان» ا

One of the "weapons" of the totalitarian Islamic regime in Iran and the way to propagate is to disseminate groundless theories to try to create fears and distances between different peoples in Iran. They say constantly that if the regime falls then Iran is threatened by separatism and the country will be cut into pieces. They try to divide the Iranian people in any ways they can. But a divided Iran is no credible scenario when the country reaches democracy and when all the nation get their rights. It is the diversity of all different peoples and languages that have been and is the beauty of Iran through history. The people are much smarter than the regime, and they have learned to brake all the attempts of the regime to divide them. This video is from a football match yesterday between two well-known teams, one from Tehran and one from the province of Azerbaijan. Azeries sings a song in their beautiful Azeri language, emphasizing love for Azerbaijan, but also Iran as thier moderland. It is unbelievable how people have learned to send out their messages despite all oppression and all censorship. They are united against the power that has oppressed them all for 40 years! To my Azerian compatriots, this girl from Tehran wants to say: YASHASIN AZERBAIJAN!

Mojdeh Zandieh